Flash Back Friday

Happy Friday!!😊 It’s been a cold, snowy, icy week here in Texas. One day the wind chill was 4 degrees. 😱 Y’all, we are not used to that where I live. We are not equipped for that kind of weather. There were lots of cars skidding off the road, frozen and burst pipes and cancellation of schools. Some laugh because we make it a big deal. That’s ok, because it is a BIG DEAL, to us. The people up north probably couldn’t handle our hot & humid weather or the hurricanes we sometimes get. That’s ok too. Let’s just be nice! ☺️

Last year on this day, (January 19, 2017) my husband and I were leaving on a cruise to Cozumel, for his 50th birthday. Our kids had our room decorated for his birthday, a cake delivered to our room, along with some other goodies. 😍 (yes, I take my Cowboys blanket everywhere) 💙

It was nice to have a vacation in January, right after the busyness of the holidays. We had never cruised in the winter before and it was so great. We laid out on the lido deck, eating tacos, Guys Burgers & ice-cream, among other things.

Here’s a fun picture from when we got off in Cozumel.

In Cozumel the weather was perfect. We went to a beach resort & listen to the sound of the beautiful ocean, and ate authentic Mexican food. I’m a tex mex girl, but those fajitas in Mexico are sooo good. I’m really missing all of it right now. 😫

Here’s that beautiful water!! 💙

We love to cruise!!😎 We normally do a 7 day cruise late spring. It goes to three different islands, we love the islands. We also love just being on the ship. When we can’t cruise, our favorite thing is going to the beach. The closes one to us is only 3 hours away, and sometimes we make a day trip out of it. I just need beach time, no matter what time of year. The sound of the waves, the smell of the salt water, it does wonders for my stress levels.

I need now!! 💙

Well, let me get out of my dream and back to the real world.

Drop a message in the comment section below and let me know where you like to travel?

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

PS:  Next week I am going to share a cute & inspirational project so be watching for it. I’m excited!

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Enjoying the simple life,



18 thoughts on “Flash Back Friday

  1. Love those cruises that go from New Orleans or Houston or any where in the Gulf South that hit up mexico. They are so much fun and what a great way to celebrate! Cant wait to return down there and get out of this rain & cold weather

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