Galveston Island: Things to Do

Hello from Galveston Island!

We have been going to Galveston, Texas for over 30 years. When our children were growing up we went every summer for a week. It’s grown a lot since we first started going. My husband and I still go every couple of months, even if for a day or two.

Our first stop is usually Salsa’s Mexican Food. We love Mexican food, and to us, it’s the best. We order combo fajitas and share because it’s so much food for one person.

There are so many things to do in Galveston.

Pleasure Pier

Side view 

Schlitterbahn Water Park

Moody Gardens is a popular attraction with a large hotel, rain forest pyramid, Aquarium, 4D Special Fx theater, paddlewheel boat cruise. Too many things to list.

Moody Gardens

My FAVORITE seashell gift shop is Murdoch’s over the water. It has a nice Breezeway to sit in, have a drink, if you wish, and look out at the gulf. I’ve seen people during the summer hang a hammock underneath. I have several pictures and can’t share them all but if interested find out more here about Murdochs.

A popular place that tourist like to eat, and we’ve eaten there many times, is Fish Tales. It’s directly across from Pleasure Pier on the Seawall.

But, we have found where the locals eat seafood, and now it’s where we eat. Shrimp N Stuff. There are two locations, one downtown, more for tourist, and the original one, where we like to eat. It’s very casual. You go to counter to order and sit where you want.

They have the best crab cakes and fried oysters.

The Strand Historic District is located downtown, and it definitely needs to be on your to-do list. We love to walk the streets and visit the different boutiques and gift shops. It has a lot of mom and pop cafes, lively entertainment and of course, people watching.

You must go to LaKings for dessert. It’s an old fashion ice-cream and candy shop. You can have an old fashion milkshake, coke float, homemade candies or a latte.

Also, downtown is the cruise port. You can watch the cruise ships sail away or my favorite thing, wave at people as I sail away. Cruise lines with ships that sail from this port include Disney Cruise Line, Carnival Cruise Line, and Royal Caribbean. This port is rated as one of the top cruise ports (#4) in the country thanks to all of the activities Galveston Island has to offer. Usually, cruisers stay a couple of days in Galveston.

I took this photo from Pier 23 at the port. Unfortunately, I was not sailing away that day.

The Galveston Seawall is built along the beaches. The sidewalk adjacent to Seawall Boulevard on the south is claimed to be the longest continuous sidewalk in the world at 10.3 miles. All free beaches along the Seawall are kept by the city and have lifeguards. There are many hotels and restaurants up and down the sea wall.

Beach along the Sea Wall

A sunrise view from my hotel balcony

Stewart Beach is an excellent beach for a day trip. The beach is free, but you must pay to park. It has a big gift shop, showers, store, restaurant, and many activities.

Galveston is a great beach vacation. Many things cost money, but there are also many things, like the beach, the strand, cruise pier, Murdoch’s, riding the ferry, just to name a few, that cost nothing at all. It’s a great peaceful, relaxing place. We only live 3 hours away, so we’ve made the trip in a day or have stayed a week.

Galveston host many activities all throughout the year, everything from chili cook-offs, Mardi Gras, motorcycle rallies to a Festival of Lights during Christmas time and more.

Many people visit Galveston each year, either to vacation or cruise.

On the way home, we always stop at Buc-ees. It’s about 15 miles from Galveston, in Texas City. Actually, we stop going to Galveston and going home.

It’s a huge convenience store for snacks, BBQ, drinks, Texas-Themed T-shirts, beach decor and many gifts, not to mention the largest, cleanest restrooms around.

These are just a few things about my home away from home. Contact me if you have any questions or would like any information about Galveston Island.

I couldn’t leave you without at least one of our many pictures together at Galveston beach.

You can join my travel group below.

Lost At Sea Travels

All photos are pictures that I have taken.

Enjoying the Simple Life,



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