Weekend Trip/Fort Worth Stockyards

Howdy Y’all!!

We are from Texas and only live 3 hours away but had never been to the Stockyards. We went for my husband’s birthday; somewhere different for us.

When most people think of Texas they think of Cowboy hats, boots, horses, cattle. While I can say that not all of Texas is that way, Fort Worth is that way. The stockyards is like going to the Wild West. It’s a historic district with original brick roads. It has a Stockyard museum, Texas cowboy hall of fame and cattle drive “parade” twice a day. Every Friday and Saturday night is a year round rodeo in the Cowtown coliseum. If you enjoy the “night life” it’s very lively.

My Cowboy and me. ❤️

There are a lot of shopping venues, western stores, boutiques, restaurants, music and a lot of walking, just to name a few things to do.

I got to sit on a steer. Thought that was picture worthy.

We had supper at the Cattleman’s Steakhouse, which has been featured on the food network. Y’all, it was so good and they give you a lot of food. I’m so bad at NOT taking food pictures. Sorry! I had a chicken fried steak, baked potato, salad, bread and I could not eat it all. The service was also great. Also, we do call our evening meal supper, not dinner. Texas country folks, that’s us.

We normally always travel with my brother and his wife. Now he’s a true Cowboy. We went to Billy Bob’s one night. It’s the biggest honky tonk in the world but it’s actually kid friendly. Gift shops, electric bull, food, bars, live music and a nice kid friendly country dance floor. Line dancing, two step, overall fun. They have concerts from up and coming country singers, as well.

We did some dancing, too.

We had a great weekend trip visiting the Stockyards. It’s full of history, shopping venues, restaurants and entertainment.

We also made a trip to the Grapevine Mill Mall, The tanger outlet mall and our favorite “big” convenient store, Bucees. That’s a Texas store that is expanding to other states.

My feet hurt and I was tired when I got home but it was worth it.

If you’re ever looking for a weekend trip, I definitely recommend Fort Worth Stockyards.

Y’all come back now, ya hear!!



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