I’m really tired of hearing “New Normal” but things change,  and sometimes for the good. So what shall we call “new normal?”

This is my experience of eating at restaurants and staying in a hotel.


We ate at a restaurant for the first time since they opened back up with restrictions. Restaurants are limited to 75% occupancy. (Texas) Social distancing and higher levels of cleaning and awareness are obvious everywhere. The waiters are wearing masks. Tables have been selectively closed off to keep social distancing. There are no condiments on the tables. You must ask for them and they are the little packs of salt, pepper, etc.
Menus are single-use paper menus. They didn’t clear anything off the table until we were completely done. I watched them clean other tables and was pleased with what I saw. I really like this and hope it stays that way, except for the waiters wearing masks.

  I felt very safe and enjoyed eating out.

Sorry, I forgot to take photos in the restaurant and food. I’m not good at that.


We stayed at the Hampton Inn which is owned by Hilton. There are no housekeeping services unless you are long term and then they will clean the room every five days. They do come in and exchange your towels. There was no coffee making equipment, pens, paper, hotel books, pamphlets in the room. It was pretty much cleaned out, so to speak. Breakfast was served take-out style, although they were still cooking a hot breakfast. Honestly, I do like these new things. I also noticed more housekeepers on our floor and 2 people cleaning each room.

     Just to give you an idea of what to expect.

I took my own Lysol spray & wipes and the only thing I used it on was the TV remote.

This was on each door that was clean and ready. It was sealed and it breaks when the door is open.

I suspect in the “New Normal” we will continue to see people wearing masks in stores or in public. Over time there will be fewer, but some people with higher risk factors will continue to wear them. Hopefully, people who are having symptoms of being sick will stay home or wear a mask if they must go out.

Please be nice to each other…if someone is more comfortable using a mask to go out most certainly they are not just being crazy fearful. On the other hand for those not wearing masks please don’t assume they are selfish and trying to kill you.

The New Normal is pretty Normal. We will again risk our lives going out in traffic, we will have some modest changes that may be inconvenient, but best of all we will have a great appreciation for all we are blessed within our lives. Travels will resume, stores will open. We will likely be more aware of our surroundings for some time, but each of us will do our own “risk management” and do what we are comfortable doing in our personal life situation. And I hope we will be grateful for life and have the wisdom to live it well.

Hi, Y’all!!

Enjoying time on the balcony at the Hotel.

I felt comfortable at the restaurants and the hotel, however, everyone must choose for themselves. If you haven’t been out and experienced these things I hope that this has helped you.

Enjoying life,



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