Cabo San Lucas


We went to Cabo over Thanksgiving break. We stayed at the Riu Palace Resort. I want to start by saying they took every precaution during this pandemic. The resort was at 50% capacity. Mask are required while inside. Before you walk in a restaurant they put sanitizer in your hand and take your temp. They serve you at all buffets. There are sanitizer dispensers throughout. Everyone, the employees and the guest alike, were very diligent in following the rules. It was really eye opening to see that we ARE all in this together. We met people from all over the world and felt very safe!

The lobby, Entrance of hotel and a staff member masked and cleaning.

The resort is beautiful! It is all- inclusive: includes unlimited food, alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks, specialty coffee, bottled water. It has 6 restaurants, a coffee shop, pool snack bars, carts being pushed around with ice-cream and fresh fruit. All rooms have a balcony or terrace. You can choose between, swim out room, ocean front or partial ocean view. It has a spa, gym, tennis courts, kids land, beauty salon, 2 outdoor swimming pools, jacuzzi. Two adults only swim up bar pools, piano lounge with live music, plaza bar and theater for entertainment. It has two sister resorts next door, the adults only Riu Baja and Riu Santa Fe. If you stay at the palace you get to enjoy the other two resorts as well.

The infinity pool & bar pool

Due to Covid, some things were not open, like the water slides, and room service. The bars were closed, except the pool bar but there was always people coming around taking your order and brought whatever you want. There was entertainment in the theater and games around and in the pool. (I did water aerobics😳) The staff was constantly cleaning everything, walls, hand rails, chairs, etc. all around the resort. They closed things earlier than normal.

We arrived after dark. When we got to our room of course I ran straight out to the balcony. As I’m standing there looking out over the pool to the ocean, I saw a shooting star. I was so excited, I had not seen one in years and never one over the ocean. It gave me total peace about being there amongst other things that’s happened in our life this year and let me know, “everything is gonna be alright.” A God wink!!

The view from our room. We had a partial ocean front but beautiful!

I highly recommend this resort. It’s a beautiful location, a very safe beautiful resort and the staff was great.

Now about Cabo:

The water is gorgeous!

Wow!! 💙

There are two connected beaches, Lover’s beach and Divorce beach. Lover’s beach is on the bay side and is much more calm, while Divorce Beach has turbulent waves and rip currents. It’s like a relationship. One side is calmer, while the other turbulent. Seriously, not joking.

Lovers Beach on top and Divorce Beach on bottom.

You can’t go to Cabo without going to Land’s End where you will see rock formations such as the famous El Arco (The Arch). The rock formations are made of granite and are shaped naturally by the powerful waves of the sea. At certain times of the year the tides are just right and you can walk under the arch.

The famous Arch
Not my picture but found this to explain a little more.

The Marina is a big place and has everything from restaurants, shopping, hotels, bars and the main hub for all boats leaving and returning to Cabo. Also a big nice mall.

The Marina

They have many excursions to choose. We took a sail boat, sunset cruise. It took us by the arch. Beautiful and Most gorgeous sunset.

Our traveling partners, family & best friends on the sailboat cruise. 💙
The sailboat sunset cruise 💙😎

Many of the beaches in Cabo aren’t swimmable because of massive waves and undertow. Medano Beach is the main swimming beach in Cabo.

Little rough here but gorgeous
Sunsets are my favorite

We had a great, relaxing time. It’s been a crazy year but we were very safe, took all precautions and come home healthy. I know it’s a highly debatable subject but as long as we can, we will continue to travel.

Have mask will travel

We can’t wait to go back to Cabo San Lucas. If you would like any information or would like to book your own vacation, please let me know. I’d love to help you!!

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Enjoying life,

💙 Davilyn

All pics but the one I stated are my own. I have many more I could share but quit… didn’t want to bore you.


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