Cruise Day: What to Expect

Before Your Carnival Cruise

You can check into your cruise 14 days prior or if you are platinum or diamond 16 days before your cruise date. You will choose your check-in time and fill out all of the required information. You may also download the VeriFly app and upload all information but always bring all documents with you, as well. As of now, if you are vaccinated bring your vaccine card and no Covid testing is required. However, if you’re not vaccinated you will need to take a Covid test within 3 days of the cruise and bring the negative results to show when checking in at the port.

It’s cheaper to order things before your cruise.  You can order cases of bottled water, alcoholic beverages, sodas, juices or gifts to be delivered to your stateroom. You can also have your room decorated for a special occasion. You can order the “cheers” or “bubbles” program.

The wifi plans are cheaper if you order online before the cruise. It saves up to 15% when booked before sailing versus onboard prices. You have up to 24 hours before cruise day to order.  They offer different plans.

Download the Carnival Hub app before you set sail. It will allow you to see the Fun Times (events for the day) menus, order pictures, keep up with your account balance, and ship maps, all for free.  You can pay $5 per phone and text or “chat” with your friends and family that are on the ship, if you want.

Embarkation Day

Embarkation day is busy.  When you arrive at the terminal the porters will take your luggage. The next time you’ll see it, is when it’s delivered to your stateroom door. It’s also good to take a photo of your luggage, just in case it gets lost, you can show guest services the picture to help locate it faster. Also, we like to take a photo with our phone of our luggage tag and put it on our lock screen. The cabin number and name will be on it and if you lose your phone, maybe someone will take it to guest services and get it back to you or bring it to your cabin. (Hopefully)

Do not get to the cruise terminal earlier than your set arrival time, they will not allow you in before then.

When you get to the terminal you will go through the process….customs, security, and your carry-on luggage will have to go through the security belt, so make sure it will fit. Then you will be in a waiting area until it’s time for you to board.

Carry on Bag

Make sure to have all of your cruise boarding documents with you, boarding pass, health screening paper (it will print with your boarding pass), shot record, if vaccinated, and if not your negative Covid test results. Passports or birth certificates and a photo ID if no passport in your carry-on bag.

I recommend having your medicines, camera, tablet, or any expensive jewelry in a carry-on bag. Some like to put a change of clothes, swimsuits, and sunscreen in them. Do not lock any of your luggage, carry-on, or check.

Everyone may bring a 12-pack of sodas per person and a small bottle of wine, 750 ml, per person, over 21.  This will have to be in your carry-on luggage.


Once you get on the ship, go to your muster station, it will be listed on your boarding pass. They will have the crew to guide you where you need to go. The ship will not leave until every person has done this. This is MANDATORY!! Afterward, you may eat lunch and have a drink. After lunch, we like to explore the ship. The elevators will be very crowded and mid-ship elevators shut down for the staff to deliver luggage. So, take the stairs if you’re able. You can locate your room but it may not be ready for you at that time. They will announce when all rooms are ready, usually around 1:30.

Also, the fun shops and casinos will not be open until you hit international waters. (usually a few hours)


Once you’re able to get into your room, unpack. I know you’re excited and ready to begin your fun but it’s so much easier to get your room set up before you set sail.


Attend the sail-away party on the lido deck. The cruise director, fun squad, and DJ will be there. There will be line dancing and lots of fun. You can either participate or be a people watcher.😁 You will also be able to look out over the edge and wave to people as you set sail. It’s really a fun time!


Take lots of pictures of your own. They will have many photo opportunities as well.

It won’t be long until it’s time for dinner. If your luggage hasn’t arrived by dinner time, they allow you to go as you are on the first night. But you should have it before then.

Have fun and be safe!!


Here is the link to my Facebook group, I would love to have you join.

Cruise Travel Group

Enjoying the simple life,

💜 Davilyn


14 thoughts on “Cruise Day: What to Expect

  1. I have never been on a cruise before, but you have a lot of great information about what to expect. Most helpful tips where buying early, WiFi and drinks. Would be interested to read if there are any cruises that are all inclusive.

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  2. Great info on what to expect on cruise day and even how to prep before it. Though I consider myself a great adventurer, I still love the luxury of taking a carnival cruise out of New Orleans. Great tips on buying stuff ahead of time though I personally skip on the wifi package…not because its not a great deal but because YOUR ON VACATION!! So Disconnect for a few days and recharge your mental battery without all the social media or emails.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I have never been on a cruise but your blog makes me want to take one. It is a whole world out there in the middle of the sea enhanced with wi-fi , food and cocktails. What else would one need in life.

    Liked by 1 person

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