Life is Short, Enjoy It

Our personal story…

I’ve shared posts, quotes, and photos about living your life, traveling, don’t work your life away. As our boys were growing up we always took a vacation every summer. Now that our boys are grown we can take more than one a year. 🥰 Do we work hard, absolutely, but we also take time off whenever we can and have fun. Is that always a vacation, no. But do we like traveling and vacations? YES!!! I’m glad that we decided long ago to make vacations a priority.

Let me give you a background of the past few months. I normally don’t share things this personal but it’s time to share this testimony. A little background, when we take trips or vacations it’s not during the summer, anymore. During the summer we take our travel traveler to the beach and leave it all summer. We try to go every weekend and during the week anytime we can. This past July 4 we were supposed to be at the beach. Mickey had to work and I was going to take the grandkids and go but things didn’t work out so I stayed home, honestly not wanting to. After all, the beach is fun on the 4th of July.

Mahogany Bay, Roatan

Mickey went to work on July 3. At about 9:30 that morning I got what I thought was a “butt call” from him, never heard anything. I hung up. About a minute later I got another call. This time he said, “I think that I’m having a heart attack, I’m going to the hospital.” A man got on the phone and said I’m taking him. This was a man who normally doesn’t work with him. He was just there for an audit, otherwise, Mickey would have been by himself. He works in a small town with no hospital, only an urgent ER. I called my son because I’m a nervous wreck. He normally works off but was home at the time, thankfully. We start to head over, not knowing if it’s a heart attack or what. We decided to stop before we lost phone service to see if they were going to send him to our hometown. They brought him over in an ambulance so we went to the hospital and waited on him. After a while, in the ER we learn he’s had a major heart attack. It’s called the widow maker. I could have been a widow, but GOD. He stayed in ICU for a few days, had to have several stints, and found out he has hereditary heart disease. He’s doing well, on medication, and seeing a cardiologist regularly. God worked everything out, we weren’t at the beach, I was home, there was someone with him to get him to the hospital in time for no major damage, our son was home who normally works out of state, and most importantly that Mickey is doing well.

Mickey riding the sky ride on the Carnival Vista, October 2022

I share this with y’all to say all of the little cliches we say, life is short, you don’t know what tomorrow holds, you’re not promised a tomorrow, travel while you can, enjoy your family, don’t wait until retirement, make memories, etc. are very true. Take them to heart. When something like this happens, it puts everything in perspective. We are blessed that he is still with us and can live a normal life and we will not take life for granted. We will enjoy our family, take our trips, enjoy staycations, rest, and enjoy our life.


When you see that we are on a cruise, somewhere on a beach, or just being home on our deck remember we are enjoying our lives and not taking life for granted.

I hope that you take time off and enjoy your life and family. Don’t wait for things to get better or put it off because there’s always tomorrow because there may not be. Stop making excuses and make it happen. Don’t wait!! Now is the time.

Cruise, October 2022

We are blessed to have been able to take our annual fall cruise in October which we had planned before the heart attack.

As the song says, “When you get a chance to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance!”

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2 thoughts on “Life is Short, Enjoy It

  1. Praise God for always being ahead of us, working all things out and together for our good. We’ve been on a health journey this past year, so I completely get it. Praise God for His goodness to you both. Much joy!

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