Cruises were shut down for 18 long months during 2020 and 2021. During those months I had 6 cruises canceled. 😕 I did go to a couple of all-inclusive resorts during that time and they are fun but cruising is my thing. They started back with a lot of CDC restrictions in July. I got on one as soon as I could, October.

Some of the restrictions are 95% of the guest must be vaccinated or get an exemption from Carnival. Most exemptions are reserved for children. You must book first then email for an exemption. You must have a negative Covid test within 2 days of cruising. Masks is required during embarking and disembarking. All employees wear N95 masks at all times. The crew was constantly cleaning and wiping things down. Masks is strongly encouraged for the vaccinated guests while inside. You must wear one in the buffet and dining areas until you sit down to eat. You do not have to wear one while outside. I will say, they were not strict about masks on this cruise.

Now to the fun stuff. Y’all, it felt so good walking up that gangway and onto that beautiful ship, Carnival Breeze, which happens to be my favorite ship. It was a short 4-day cruise but it was so much fun.


The ship was at 73% capacity. I’m not gonna lie, I enjoyed that. No long lines, plenty of chairs on the lido, just to name a couple things. Some things have changed and I have to say I like the change. Our sail and sign card had our muster station destination. You go to it as soon as you get on the ship and they demonstrate how to use the lifesaver, it’s come and go. They scan your card to show that you’ve done it. The ship will not leave until everyone has done it. GO DO IT!! The second part of it is on the TV in your room. We had it going while we unpacked. Easy peasy!!

Then the real fun starts. The sail away party was normal. I use to stand and watch and now I participate and it’s so much fun. Why did I wait so long?? I don’t know all of the dances but I do my best. 💃🏼

This being an October cruise they had a costume and deck party. I’ll admit, I do not love Halloween but it was fun dressing up. I feel like we should have won the costume contest. 😁


We had an elegant night and a white night. We didn’t participate in White night but did dress up for elegant.

It’s always fun cruising with our travel buddies, family, and best friends. We got a lot of attention boarding with our Longhorn and Aggies shirts on. We were remembered as the Aggies & Longhorns the entire cruise.

Aggies & Longhorns can actually get along.
Port of Cozumel

This was one of the best cruises we’ve been on… I don’t know if it was because it had been so long since cruising or what.

Also, boarding and disembarking was the quickest we’ve ever had and this was our 11th cruise. We will be cruising again in a couple weeks.

The prices are great right now. As cruising gets back to full capacity and restrictions are lifted, the prices will go up. If you’re interested in cruising any time soon or the next year or two, now is the time to book. You can email me or message me on Facebook and I can help you get the best prices and let you know all of the Covid protocols. I’m with you from start until after you return. If Covid did anything for the travel business, it helped people know it’s time to book with a Travel Agent. It cost you nothing extra and a lot less headache for you. I’m your contact person, not the internet or long hold times waiting on a company. I’m not only a cruise expert but also all-inclusive resorts in Mexico and all of the Caribbean. When you allow me to help you, you are supporting a small business, not a big corporate company. I like to say I’m your personal travel concierge. Wouldn’t you like to have your own concierge service?




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